Veteran’s Try Scuba with Extreme Sports Scuba

Every November 11th the country sets aside a day to thank Veterans for serving this country and keeping us free, but one day we questioned why just once a year are veterans honored? With that thought process going, the Veterans Try Scuba was created. Extreme Sports Scuba decided to honor veterans with a Try Scuba Saturday.

Saturday, January 10th was the day. Fliers were created and posted all over Facebook by our fellow divers, the local VA’s were contacted with the fliers, and everyone tried to help spread the word.

The Judo Club at Christ’s Community Methodist Church provided lunch of hotdogs, chips, and cookies. Fellow divers showed up to help and a Great time was had!

We are pleased to announce that there were 6 veterans that showed up to dive with us!

When I woke up Saturday morning my car said it was 13˚F outside, the air inside the building at 5 Mile was a lot warmer and the best part was the water was 82˚F. Lovely to dive in to!

And now for a few more pictures.

The tanks sat in the trailer overnight. As we hauled them into the building, all of the valves frosted over. It was very fun to watch.

Dan La Due, one of our Assistant Instructors and a Veteran. He served in the Air Force.

Depth – 5 feet, pool temp – 82˚F

Thank you to all who came out and braved the weather. It was a super day!

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