We Need You!!

Were you at Dive Club last Thursday night? No? You didn’t partake in the rain with us? Well why not? So many questions so few answers… But… I need to do some house keeping business.

More questions….

Did you know that this year Extreme Sports Scuba will have been in the Joplin community for 20 years? 20 years in fact this month, August. A few weeks ago we came up with an exciting new project, but we need your help.

At dive club, we presented this idea. Got everyone’s opinion, and decided to set forward in motion….. Are you ready for it?

If There’s Food, They Will Come: Extreme Sports Scuba 20 Years in the Making.

Okay, okay, so maybe that won’t be the official title but it’s a work in progress.

What is it? So glad you asked! This is the Extreme Sports Scuba Cookbook/Memories Book. This is where we need YOUR help! It is because of our Extreme Sports Scuba diving family that this business has made it 20 years (and still going!!). We want you to be a part of this book.

How? We need your recipes. Things you’ve brought to dive club. Things you think we’d really like. If you have a request of a recipe you want, let us know, we’ll see if we can find it!

Stories. 20 years. Many millions of divers. Okay that’s a bit extreme, but we’ve had a LOT of divers come through these doors. There are stories galore. We would love you to submit those stories with us.

Pictures. 20 years of pictures. Just looking back through pictures from Cozumel for the past 7 years it’s fun to see the different hair looks on both Deb and Grady, so imagine the pictures you can submit.

When do we need these all by? Please submit all recipes, stories, and pictures by September 30, 2017.

Where? You can submit them electronically to recipe@extremesportsscuba.com or hand deliver them to Extreme Sports Scuba. That means you get to come see us.

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