What SCUBA Gear Should I Buy First?

What dive gear should I buy first? - Scuba gear sitting on a boat in Cozumel

You are getting certified to SCUBA Dive, the question is, what SCUBA gear should you buy first? Dive Boots, Wet Suit, Computer, Mask, etc. It can all be so overwhelming and there is so much out there on the market, how do you know what you want? First things first. Sign up for your open-water SCUBA certification classes with Extreme Sports SCUBA.

Now, that you are signed up for classes, we can help! Our recommendation is always to try as much dive gear as you can before you buy. There are a few things though that you should buy first. Here is what we recommend as your first pieces of dive gear, in the order you should consider them.

Dive Boots

Dive Boots

The first piece of gear that is recommended for buying is your dive boots. If you are only going to be diving in warm water, short boots will work. However, if you are going to be walking on rough terrain, getting to the water, be sure they have a hard sturdy sole. For diving in cooler water, you will want to purchase thicker, taller boots. Eventually, you may wind up owning both, but just choose the one that best suits your needs.


You will also need to purchase a snorkel. Snorkel skills is a requirement for dive classes. Our recommendation is: Be sure to get one with a purge. If you plan on snorkeling quite a bit, get one that is dry when going underwater.

Mask & Fins

Next, we would suggest fins and mask. Here at Extreme Sports SCUBA, we prefer for you to wait until you have been to the pool sessions before making these purchases. During pool sessions and open water certifications, we have tubs that contain multiple different types of masks and fins. Try them all if you need to be sure you get the perfect fit.

Multiple SCUBAPRO Masks sitting on a dock at Mermet Springs

Which mask should you choose?

Select a mask that seals well. If you are a nose breather or have a problem clearing your mask, you may prefer a mask with a purge valve. Color is important too. You may want to color coordinate your mask with your fins and snorkel. Something to think about.

ScubaPro Fins hanging on the wall

Next selection would be Fins

Be sure your fins fit with your boots and you can use them with ease. These will be one of the last pieces of equipment you put on before your dive, so remember you’ll be weighted down with the rest of your gear. You also want to make sure they don’t give you leg cramps. Good note to remember: Try fins on at least three times. Different fins react differently. And finally Color is important!


  • Mask Strap – Neoprene masks straps make putting your mask on and off easier. added bonus, it doesn’t get caught in your hair or pull the skin on your head. The other cool feature is you can pick a color to help color coordinate or some fun design. The options and possibilities are endless.
  • Mask Defog – Helps keep your mask fog free.
  • Spring fin straps – Ease of donning your fins.

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