Work Hard! Play Harder! {Memorial Day 2018 Recap}



Memorial Day Weekend always seems to be the “kick off” to the summer season. I guess that’s a good thing since Summer doesn’t officially start until the end of June. We get one month of summer prior to the actual summer solstice! But Memorial Day Weekend also tends to be the start of dive season.

As we learned last week, we’ve already had dive classes in the lake this year, but for the general run our dive season starts Memorial Day Weekend.

This year the top thermocline happened around 15 feet. On Sunday, Drake stuck his arm below the thermocline long enough for his dive computer to read. Then he stuck it above. There was a 9˚ difference. Wow! And you could definitely feel it when you dropped below the thermocline. The next thermocline happened around 28 feet or so. I want to say though, our divers were troopers! Especially our students!


Saturday morning started out much the same. Breakfast and then dive! The weather was perfect this year. Friday afternoon we watched a few rain storms blow around us. One was even viewed across the lake. They said you could see a sheet of rain falling. Our side was dry and the other side was soaked. Crazy!

As with every morning, a dive briefing happened. Basically, that’s where everyone learns what will happen during that days dives. On Saturday we had first and second day divers.

One thing we learned… if you leave a black mouthpiece on the concrete bench in the full sun, it will melt. This was Doug‘s mouthpiece. I asked him if it was one of the formfitting mouthpieces. Truthfully, it was just a standard mouthpiece. That’s how hot it got. Wow!

Saturday night we had our big group meal. Usually during the big group meal, we celebrate May birthdays. The blogger (that’s me) made birthday cakes this year. There was a Chocolate Dulce de Leche (left) and a Funfetti (right).

Birthday girls (left to right). Shaye (June 4), Deb (May 24), Shirley (May 29), and Maddie (May 26).


p.s. Did you know there is a new shower house/bathroom at the campground? It’s nice!

Hi Wee wee… I mean Lee

After the dive briefing, it was time to dive!

Hi Drake!

Have you noticed how easy it is to spot those orange fins in the water? Those are the Seawing Nova Fins in case you wondered. These fins seem to be replacing the favorite Twin Jet. And a lot of people are going orange. I wonder if we’ll have to start putting things on them to separate them just as we did when everyone had black Twin Jets. Just a thought.

This muscle. Public service announcement… Don’t open them and feed them to the fish. They help keep the lake clean!

That thermocline I mentioned… Here is Day in the thermocline. If you notice there is a haze above and below him and then kind of a clear band right in the middle of the picture… that’s the thermocline!

Hi Diver Dan and Logan.

Work Hard and Play Harder! That should have been the motto of this weekend.


Monday morning started out with supporting NEBCO through their Memorial Day Breakfast!

This was the wonderful Memorial Day Weekend 2018. It’s a great one written in the history book! Hopefully you were there to enjoy it with us! If not, we missed you! And let’s say congratulations to those who finished up their SCUBA Certifications this Memorial Day Weekend! We hope to see you all back diving with us many more times this summer!!

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