Extreme Diver Interview – Lee Lake

If you’ve ever been on facebook any amount of time, you’ll sometimes see people posting questions, Answer with one word how we met. So this next diver I’m going to introduce the blog to  I could say Scuba Diving but that’s 2 words. Or I could say Diving. But to be more Specific I could say Mermet Springs (woops 2 words again) so we could just say Mermet, but the true answer would be September 2013 at Mermet Springs. That was the summer that my husband and I got certified so there were still a bunch of people left to meet and Mark Willoughby made me make a lasting impression. Lee Lake and Mark were picking on each other or something and I was told to go over and pinch him. You guessed it, I did and I should say the rest is history? (And for the record… I don’t always just walk up and pinch people I don’t know!) Since then we’ve gotten to know Lee really well and now I’d like to introduce the rest of Extreme Sports Scuba family to Lee Lake.

How did you get started diving?

I was asked to join the brand new Barton County Rescue and Recovery.

How long have you been diving?

September 2nd, 2012 was my open water certification.

How many dives do you make in a typical year?

About 75

What other hobbies do you have?

Cooking, traveling, camping, watching the kids play ball.

Chloe Lake and Cailee Lake with their dad Lee. Fun fact, this pool is 5 feet in the shallow end.

Where is your favorite place to dive?

So far? Pensacola, Florida.

What is your most comical dive experience?

My victim, Mark Willoughby had to wind up rescuing me after I rescued him during ERDI training.

What is your occupation?


Words of wisdom/tips or tricks for fellow divers?

Ditch work and go diving.  Deb Weston agreed.

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