Indian Creek Campsite at Beaver Lake

If you have been diving with Extreme Sports Scuba any time at all, then you’ve quite possibly been to Indian Creek Campground on Beaver Lake. But if you haven’t been here, here’s a quick overview of where we typically dive on Beaver Lake.

Indian Creek Campground is located at (13325 Indian Creek Road, Garfield, AR 72732). Be sure to use that address if you plan on plugging it into a GPS or you won’t find us. As you enter the park there is a check-in where you can check in your RV/camper/tent (best to reserve sites in advance if you plan on camping). You can place a camper/RV and one tent or else three tents per campsite. If you don’t want to camp, you can purchase a day pass if you just plan on entering for a day of diving.

If you plan on camping, there are shower and restroom facilities located in the camping area, as well as there are restroom facilities over by the dive site.

While you’re camping, there are areas of recreation for the kids (and adults of course) both with swing sets and playground equipment. Plus if you bring a volleyball with you, why not get a “friendly” volleyball game going.

The typical area that we dive from is accessible from the ground, however, there are a few sites that are diveable that are only accessible via boat. On the camping side of the campground, you will find a boat ramp access.

From the camping side of the campground, you can see the cove where we normally dive. Plus you can see the swim area. If you’re feeling really ambitious you can swim across the cove, otherwise, there is a road that drives around the cove to the dive entry access area. Keep in mind there is a fairly steep hill that you have to go up and down to access the area, however, there are also steps closer to the swim area (right in the same area).

Along with seeing the fish and feeding the fish (they like hotdogs) there are at least 4 boats, several small statues, a boat lift, a cart rack, and a flower garden (that is constantly being added to). Depending on the water level of the lake, most items are 15’-35’ deep, and the cove at its deepest place is 45’-60’ depending on water levels.

Beaver Dam is visible from the current diving site.

At Beaver Lake, there are also other dive sites. One of the sites is The Foundations (only accessible by boat). This is a great location for both shallow and deep diving. The Foundations themselves are located in 5’-20’ of water depending on the lake levels. The Foundations are rock/concrete foundations left behind from when the area was flooded to make Beaver Lake. Located in the Foundations are several items for viewing including a school bus. The Foundations area is relatively shallow but for those who prefer a deeper dive, you can descend at the foundations and a short swim away is a wall that you drop over and allow for deeper diving. But keep in mind if you plan on diving The Foundations, make sure you have a boat!

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