9/11 – Never Forget

We have tossed around multiple ideas on what to blog about today. Today, do you know what today’s date is? September 11. 9/11. Do you remember where you were this day 18 years ago? Our older generations of divers were there. This is another one of those days that will have significant meaning in our lives, forever.

It will fall in line with

  • December 7, 1941, the bombing at Pearl Harbor.
  • D-Day (June 6, 1944) the Storming of Normandy. A turning point in WWII
  • JFK’s assassination (November 22, 1963)
  • April 19, 1995 – OKC Bombing

And these are to only name a few. These dates had significant impacts on our lives. And when 9/11/01 happened, the world has never been the same.

For the most part, on this day and other dates both mentioned and not, people remember exactly where they were. Exactly what they were doing. Even if we weren’t personally impacted, our country was, and our bond grew stronger. We became One Nation United.

Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children, neighbors, and even strangers came together. We came together to console each other and to fight for our country.

Now we are 18 years removed. We have had 4 presidency terms. A lot has happened. We promised we’d never forget. And if you think about it, most of the kids who are in school now were not even thought of when this tragedy happened. It is another date in history for them.

It is interesting to see all the posts on Facebook about where everyone was. The one thing most had in common is we were “lost.” The country banded together though and marched forward. Now here we are 18 years later. Locally we made it through the Joplin Tornado. We even made it past the end of the Mayan calendar when everyone thought the world was going to end (2012).

So, while this isn’t a normal blog post for this blog, let’s take this day to remember.

To hold our families a little closer. To slow down and be thankful. Unfortunately, no one can predict the future. We can only try to learn from the past.

Whether you lived through the date 9/11/01 or you learn about it in history books, let’s never forget. Never forget those first responders who ran in when everyone else ran out. Remember those victims in the buildings who never saw it coming. Don’t forget those who overtook the plane and landed it in the field. Or the plane of people who hit the Pentagon. Let’s not forget any of the victims and their families. This was a date that changed history for us as we knew it.

So today say a quick prayer for those who were affected, but also, say a prayer for our current first responders, military who are protecting our freedoms, and our country.

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