April Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2018

Pete liked the smell of Robert’s Leg…


April 10, 12, 17, & 19 – Open Water SCUBA Class

April 14 – Intros to SCUBA at 5 Mile Children’s Camp starting at 9 am

April 21 & 22 – Trails for Kids

April 26 – Closed to set up for Big Sale

April 27 & 28 – Annual Sale

April 28 & 29 – Open Water SCUBA Class


May 3 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting

May 8, 10, 15, & 17 – Open Water SCUBA Classes

May 12 & 13 – Check out dives at Beaver Lake

May 26 & 27 – Memorial Day Weekend Camping & Open Water Check out Dives


June 7 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting at the Weston’s (pool open)

June 23 – Annual Underwater Safari Hunt


July 5 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting at the Weston’s (pool open)

July 21-28 – Group Trip to Curaçao – SOLD OUT


August 2 – Extreme Dive Club Meeting at the Weston’s (pool open)

September – Mermet Springs date TBA

October – Underwater Pumpkin Carving TBA

Watch for our upcoming BIG SALE, will have lots of used BC’s, used cylinders, and much more. Also some great packages on NEW EQUIPMENT (with lifetime warranty).

Kayaks coming soon.

If you miss one of our monthly meetings, be sure to check out the blog for meeting minutes. Also if you are on Facebook, be sure to like us, we have all of the events posted on Facebook. Please like and share our events. Thanks to Nicole for her great blogs. We are also on Instagram and Twitter.

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