Cayman Brac – Summer Trip – July 2016

Our summer trip this year headed for Cayman Brac with 13 divers for a week long excursion. Cayman Brac is part of the Cayman Islands and is located in the Caribbean Sea north-east of Grand Cayman and east of Little Cayman. The island itself is about 12 miles long with an average width of 1.2 miles. The island is named

This crab was found while diving. The crab is dead… Scott Peters

There were several lion fish found on the different reefs that we dove.

This is Deb doing a giant stride off the boat. The Dive master took her camera from her before she entered the water and then took photos of her entering the water.

Can I point out Deb gave the wrong “okay” sign since she’s above water…. 

This is the wreck dive dove in Cayman Brac. This wreck is a Russian Koni class frigate built in the Soviet Union in 1984 for the Cuban Navy. This is one of the few Soviet naval vessels you will see in the western hemisphere. The Cayman Island government purchased the vessel to sink in September 1996. The frigate was rechristened the M/V Captain Keith Tibbetts, after a well-known Cayman Brac politician. This wreck was originally sat upright at a depth of 89 ft with the deck at 59 ft, until wave action generated by a winter storm, which nearly tore the ship in to two pieces.

Donna Knight

Grady Weston

This is Jake Stuppy posing similarly to how Drake Weston poses underwater.

Kate Stuppy says Hi.

Deb doing a selfie with Donna Knight. 

Jake Stuppy

Steve Todd

This is Grady, The fins say Grady, the tank doesn’t say fire extinguisher though….

Deb and her selfies, this time with Grady. She might just like him, a little

Steve Todd says, “Say Cheese”

I promise, Grady isn’t cold. He dove Mermet Springs in 70 degree water in a 1 1/2 mil wet suit…

The sea fans and the barrel sponges were beautiful.

Mike and Donna Knight

Steve Todd, my dive buddy for the week.

The groupers were so tame it was like the underwater puppy dogs.

Barb McMurry

brother and sister duo Kate and Jake Stuppy

Grady & Deb in the “prom” pose.

Steve Todd

Grady picking on Steve. Do you think it’s because Steve wouldn’t hold his hand?

Huge anchor


Scott Peters petting his “dog” fish, the Grouper

The optical allusion photo… it looks like the grouper is right on top of Grady.

Grady and BJ, our Cayman Brac Dive Master.

And then it was over. for the prominent feature of the “Brac” or bluff.

Shirley Mann and Deb perfecting the underwater selfies.


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