Cozumel July 2014 – Extreme Sports Scuba Style

Having a great time, soaking up the sunshine in, and making some great dives was what we did in Cozumel July 12-19, 2014.

As always, there are always some very funny moments. Danny Overdeer, you can sure make a great peanut butter sandwich. Ed Brewer, do you have your shirt on right? Gerald Schlink, how do you put your wetsuit on?

Amy Manning, one of our new divers.
Valerie Box & David Carey
Ashlyn Parmley

We had several new divers on this trip and we were very proud of them.

Congratulations to Christina Frampton, she completed her 100th Dive at 100′ in Cozumel.

Congratulations Shirley Mann, she completed her 700th dive in Cozumel.

Congratulations to Jeff Frampton, He completed his 100th dive in Cozumel.

Cozumel is always a great dive destination, great visibility, and lots of marine life, come and join us next time.

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