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The number 1 goal for diving is safety. Safety not only includes learning how to use your gear properly, but it also includes rules and regulations for sharing the water. These rules and regulations not only effect divers but also effect boaters alike. We’re right in the middle of summer so it is the perfect time to review some of these rules to make sure that everyone is safe this Summer season!

The Diver Flag

What is a diver flag? There are two diver flags. One is the international code flag which is alfa/alpha. This is a flag that is comprised of Blue and White and signifies that the vessel has a diver down and that other vessels in the area should keep low speeds and steer clear of the area. In North America typically use the Red flag with a White stripe from the upper left corner to the lower right corner.

Both flags signify there are divers below and please keep your distance. But there are a more specific set of rules that apply to the Diver Down flag or the SCUBA flag. Let’s take a look at these rules now. Remember, we’re out for safety!

Diver Down Flag Rules

*Remember rules vary from state to state so make sure you check with the state you will be diving with for a more extensive list of rules and regulations.

Local laws regulate how close you have to stay to your flag, and how far boaters and skiers must stay away. For areas where no laws stipulate these distances, the rule of thumb is for you to stay within 15 metres/50 feet of your flag and for boats to stay at least 30 to 60 metres/100 to 200 feet away.

  • Local laws regulate how close you must stay to your flag and how far boaters/skiers must stay away. For areas where no laws stipulate distances, the rule of thumb is stay within 50 feet/15 meters of your flag and boats must stay at least 100-200 feet away/30-60 meters.

Dive Flags

Now, there are multiple different types of Dive flags as you can see above, so come in and talk to us. Let us help you find what best suits your needs for Dive Flags!! Diver safety is the number 1 goal and we’d love to help you! Questions, comments, concerns, come talk to us!

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