Extreme 366 – Week 10

Rain! We finally got rain. We could use a little more… isn’t it ironic that at the end of December we were 10 inches ahead on rain and we all flooded. Now we’re behind on rain and in burn bans. There’s Missouri weather for you (and really the midwest!). When I looked at the weather forecast on Sunday there were big chances of rain from yesterday (Tuesday) through Saturday. Now that forecast has changed. I grew up on a farm, we watch the weather. haha. But I think we discussed last spring that we need rain/water for diving so water and rain is good! I should go check out the lake conditions, but my internet is being a little wonky today so I guess I won’t. Yup, I said wonky. And on that note, how about pictures recapping the past week.

62 – 3.2.2016 – Check out the new inventory at the dive shop.

63 – 3.3.2016 – March Dive Club Meeting. Our meal was Corned Beef and Cabbage and salad bar. There was also Reuben Rolls, potatoes, and lots and lots of desserts just to name a few.

64 – 3.4.2016 – The new powerpoint to go along with the new course book for the Open Water SCUBA certification.

65 – 3.5.2016 – Check out this material!

66 – 3.6.2016 – Classroom classes have started. If you’re not certified, make sure you get signed up. If you are, watch for specialty classes!!

67 – 3.7.2016 – Happy Anniversary Deb & Grady

68 – 3.8.2016 – Try it Tuesday & SCUBA diving pool classes. Boys and girls, it’s called SCUBA diving not SCUBA standing. Sorry I’m just quoting Dan La Due. He would have said that more than once had he been able to be there… Dano, I got you covered!

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