Extreme 366 – Week 3

How on earth is it already the 3rd week of January? Wow! And here’s a fun piece of information that I might get a dirty look for… someone turned 16 today (aka Drake Weston). I also want to throw this out there… this weekly mem that we have going on, the Project 366, if you have pictures of Scuba Diving or Extreme Sports related events you can add, please let me know! It’s not something I solely have to do!! Okay, on with the weeks pictures…

13 – 1.13.2016 – ScubaPro delivery day. Wonder if I have anything in there… How about you?

14 – 1.14.2016 – Have you seen the shirt ceiling? My name isn’t up there… yet. Is yours?

15 – 1.15.2016 – Diver down! Diver down! Oh wait, Diver Below! Diver Below!

16 – 1.16.2016 – Can you see your future dives?

17 – 1.17.2016 – Chris Parrish, Lee Lake, Dan Hayworth, and Dan La Due went diving at Stockton Lake, one to get Dan L’s monthly dive in and two to help raise some docks. It also happened to be Dan L’s birthday. They noted on facebook that the air temperature was 14˚F, The water temp was 45˚F, visibility was 10 feet, and it was snowing. 

18 – 1.18.2016 – The blogger really likes cameras so we had to showcase a SeaLife Micro HD camera!

19 – 1.19.2016 – The February edition of Dive Training Magazine is in the shop now!

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