Extreme 366 – Week 48

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This really is my most favorite time of the year! Lately I’ve been reading cookbooks. I know that you can basically find any recipe you could ever want on the internet, but there is something fun about reading cookbooks, especially old cookbooks. Recently I read the Southern Living Annual Recipes 1982 and 1983 and it absolutely floors me that they call for commercial sour cream. My question is… isn’t all sour cream commercial? I did notice in 1983 there was a recipe for a mock sour cream so maybe a lot of people did mock sour cream once upon a time? Someone please help me out here! Last night I started reading the 2005 cookbook. I didn’t find anywhere where it called specifically for “commercial” sour cream. Should I put #firstworldproblems? Haha. Remember tomorrow night is the Dive Club Christmas Party. We’re having this excellent ham and brisket. I think I’m drooling already, although I shouldn’t do that… computers don’t like water although is water and drool the same? Oh dear, more first world problems… I should quit pondering things because they’re getting weirder and weirder. Okay, so I’ll just leave you with this weeks pictures. Lots of love . #icrackmyselfup

328 – 11.23.2016 – So it may be the day before Thanksgiving, but we’re getting all Christmas up in here!

329 – 11.24.2016 – Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours, however you are all a part of our family here.

330 – 11.25.2016 – Who is ready to dive? I saw we have a chance of snow next week. Diver Dan will go with you, Blogger Nicole not so much.

331 – 11.26.2016 – We’re just hanging around, come join us! Scuby wants to see your bright shining face!

332 – 11.27.2016 – Barbie says you can be anything you want. She is now a kayaker… when will she become a SCUBA diver?

333 – 11.28.2016 – Is it to early for Christmas cards yet? Don’t tell me it is because I’m about to send mine out.

334 – 11.29.2016 – Come on divers, help out Newton County Christmas for Kids!

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