Extreme 366 – Week 51

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas… only 2 days late… Sometimes it happens and that’s okay. So I’m here to tell you that this has been a whirlwind of a Christmas holiday season. I’d like to share an epiphany I had the other day… I’ve shared it on my personal blog and on Facebook so if you read either of those you’re probably sick of hearing but… here’s a thought. They are wanting to call it a holiday tree to be less offensive… well holidays are all inclusive right? A holiday could be Memorial Day or Valentine’s Day or Christmas or Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July, you get the picture. So does that mean since it’s a holiday tree we can leave it up year round? I’ve mentioned before, many times, that January is kind of a let down month. You have all these beautiful decorations up to and lights and get togethers and etc etc etc (I use etc a lot), then comes January and there’s cold weather and sometimes even snow and ice. No more Christmas lights. No more get togethers. Nothing. It isn’t really until February 14 or there before when Valentine’s Day decorations start springing up, and even they aren’t nearly as popular as Christmas, so poor January gets the bad end of the deal.

Moving on… Maybe some of you noticed that there wasn’t a blog post last week. This is actually the post that should have been posted on December 21st, and you were let down because there weren’t pretty pictures to look at. Well it was mentioned on Facebook that Grady was well, he was in the hospital and then the Christmas season. Sometimes it is okay to take a break. Plus the fact that if I broke it up by Wednesday’s we’d have actually had a week 53 and there are only 52 weeks in a year so I took the remaining days (December 14-December 31) and split them up between the last two “week” posts. Okay okay, so I’ve proven I can do math but then there is this issue that, the post should have gone live on December 23 with my logic. Well you have me there. I didn’t do it. Not that I didn’t think about doing it, I just didn’t do it. I hope you’ll forgive me. And now that I’ve taken 2 paragraphs to say this… Let the pictures roll!

349 – 12.14.2016 – Hospital stays are never fun, especially around the holidays….

350 – 12.15.2016 – This is one of the new masks coming out. It’s called the Devil’s Mask. I’ll give you 2 guesses why….

351 – 12.16.2016 – This is one of the vintage stickers or so Scuba Scott said.

352 – 12.17.2016 – Scuba Santa… Is he modeled after our own Jebadiah Clause?

353 – 12.18.2016 – Go Chiefs! Chiefs versus Tennessee Titans… Let’s just not talk about this game…

354 – 12.19.2016 – The sign says it all!

355 – 12.20.2016 – It’s the time of the year for poinsettias. 

356 – 12.21.2016 – It’s almost time to take down trees. I’m not sure how I feel about this… how about you?

357 – 12.22.2016 – You have officially been elfed .

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