Extreme 366 – Week 7

I’m not sure I like counting weeks while doing this project. It is making me want to curl up in the fetal position and not move. Seriously, I’m having heart palpitations. Okay maybe not seriously, but can you believe we’re already in the 7th Week of this year? Valentine’s Day just happened. Shouldn’t we just be screaming Happy New Year? It feels that way to me, but I’ll take it as we’re still living and that’s a good thing! I’m a member of a women’s organization and one of our members sends us quotes daily. Some days they’re very thought provoking and I guess since I’m complaining or at least pointing out the week situation, I think I’ll share today’s quote with you…

The Bad News: Time Flies.

The Good News: You’re the pilot

It must be an anonymous quote because there was no credit as to who said it, but thought provoking, right? Yesterday’s quote also dealt with time:

Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent.

~Carl Sandburg

If nothing else, I hope you walk away with some good quotes and some pretty pictures. Speaking of pictures, it is time to reveal this weeks Project 366 Photos with help from our fellow divers this week!

41 – 2.10.2016 – Deb patiently counting down the minutes until boarding the plane on Friday for Cozumel.

42 – 2.11.2016 – Jared Weston & Mark Willoughby checking something under the Chiefs bus Dive bus.

43 – 2.12.2016 – If you didn’t know it, the dive trailer has been getting a make-over this winter. Some people started it before the blogger could get photos to document this process…. (fingers pointed at Jared & Mark………..)

44 – 2.13.2016 – Dan La Due posting a picture bragging that he, Chris Parrish, and Lee Lake would be diving before Deb & Grady Weston. This was the monthly dive for Dan. This month was at Swepco.

45 – 2.14.2016 – Happy Valentine’s Day. One of our Red Coaters, Grady Weston, diving in Cozumel during the February 2016 Extreme Dive Trip. Grady is sporting his Chiefs pony bottle he received as a Birthday present.

46 – 2.15.2016 – If you like Extreme Sports Scuba on Facebook you saw this picture this week (And if you’re not, go “like us” NOW!!). I’m not sure about you but I’m interested in the back story! 

47 – 2.16.2016 – Look mom, no hands! 

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