Extreme 366 – Week 8

I’m trying to decide if I have any words of wisdom for you today, but all I have is I just used the phrase, “Take the banana out of the purse.” As you can tell, I have a lot of words of wisdom today. As far as I know, there are no holiday’s coming up. Oh, I am wrong, if you live in Oregon, February 28 is Linus Pauling Day. It is a local observance. He is an important researcher in immunology in case you didn’t know who he was, like me. Also, This is a Leap Year. I guess if your birthday is February 29, next Monday you’ll have a birthday, finally :). Speaking of birthday’s we learned how Chinese age is different than the U.S. age in one of my classes yesterday. While here in the U.S. your birthday starts the day you’re born, in China, your birthday starts the day you leave your father (think about it because I’m not going into the birds and the bees talk). So by the time you’re born in China you’re already a year old (basically, because I’m not sure if it just goes by year or if it goes by conception date, because that’s difficult for people to know usually. Enough on the birds and the bees!). I think with that bit of trivia I’ll leave you to digest that and look at pretty pictures!

48 – 2.17.16 – Beautiful Starfish in the waters at Cozumel, Mexico

49 – 2.18.16 – One of our Extreme Sports Scuba divers checking out a beautiful starfish

50 – 2.19.16 – 1st Week Diving Crew with Extreme Sports Scuba in Cozumel, Mexico.

51 – 2.20.16 – Two stingray’s in the beautiful waters of Cozumel, Mexico

52 – 2.21.16 – Beautiful sunrise over Hotel Cozumel & Resort


53 – 2.22.16 –¬†Amazing find today nurse shark and moray eel together on Cedral Wall, Cozumel.

54 – 2.23.16 – Relaxing at the pool area at Hotel Cozumel & Resort

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