Extreme 366 – Week 9

I have two laptops. Fancy right? Well one was mainly for school and the other is heavier so I didn’t like lugging it around (it’s bigger and faster and works better for my photos). Well, last week I broke my little, smaller, lighter weight laptop… you know the school laptop… so I’m back to lugging around the big one until my little one is fixed. That means I have been having to set up everything like my other one was set up, including being able to add photos to my blog posts. The struggle is real! haha… first world problems, right? Pretty much. But as we’ve established before, this isn’t about me… noted (again).

Words of advice or wisdom to add to the conversation this week… Oh I finally got it. Gotta love Facebook for inspiration!! Somehow I got to following a community for Scuba diving called Scubaboard.com. If you’re on Facebook you’ve noticed that they’ve added more than just a “like” button for posts now… Scubaboard.com posted this and I thought it was extremely fitting… enjoy!

So in case you hadn’t seen these, you’re now up-to-date! By the way, in case you didn’t know, welcome to March!! March supposedly comes in like a Lion and goes out like a Lamb…. Time to move on to Week 9’s Photo 366!

55 – 2.24.2016 – Too windy to be able to go diving, port is closed. So a nice day to relax while on vacation!

56 – 2.25.2016 – Kim Brungard shooting a photo of one of the turtles. Four turtles and five sharks were seen diving. This was the last dive on Cedar Pass.

57 – 2.26.2016 – Second Week Dive Group for February 2016 SCUBA diving trip.

58 – 2.27.2016 – Headed home from a Great dive week in Cozumel.

59 – 2.28.2016 – Jorge (aka George), Dive Master/Instructor for Cozumel Marine World, Cezar, Videographer (we’ve used for years), Clemente, Dive Master/Instructor for Cozumel Marine World. Shirley Mann went and got the hats for George and Clemente so they would resemble Cezar¬†.

60 – 2.29.2016 – After some quick engineering on a TEK BC, bungee cords added to help deflate the BC easier.

61 – 3.1.2016 – Pete’s world is back to normal, finally. Mom and dad are home and he’s happy!

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