Extreme Dive Club Meeting

Have you ever been to an Extreme Dive Club Meeting? I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand the number of them I have missed. Typically, if I miss one, it tends to be December’s meeting. I can’t really explain that one… it just is what it is.

Extreme Dive Club Meeting

So, what exactly is Extreme Dive Club Meeting? Well, it is a place to come on the First Thursday of the Month to eat. Oh wait, that’s just an added bonus. It is a place to come and socialize with other like-minded divers… or… if you aren’t currently a diver but you are trying to take that first step, it’s a great place to meet others who will encourage you to dive on in.

If I were to rank the busiest months to the lightest attended months, July and December would be toward the top. August tends to be toward the bottom. We don’t typically have a meeting in January because we want you to come to visit with us at the lake for the New Year’s Day Dive. For those of you who aren’t sure what day that is… It’s January 1st… lol. Don’t worry, there is food that day J.

We also in recent years have moved the September Extreme Dive Club Meeting to the weekend after Labor Day and had fellowship in Metropolis, Illinois. Hey, a change of scenery is good every once in a while. Plus having it there makes you come to see us and dive at Mermet Springs. Win-win. Your welcome.

July tends to be a busy month for two reasons… The Fourth of July. We have a huge fireworks display. The summer months get moved to Deb and Grady’s house so that allows for the kiddos and the adults who are kids at heart to swim. (My Mother-in-Law always says you have to grow old, but you never have to grow up.) Also, it tends to be the meet and greet for the Summer Trip.

December draws quite the crowd, although I think less than July because it’s Christmas time! At the December Extreme Dive Club Meeting Deb usually reveals the calendar. Last year we revealed the 20th Year of Extreme Sports SCUBA Memories and Cookbook. That’s not a yearly thing though. The calendars tend to be.


As we all know the saying, If there is food, they will come. Of course, we know that we named the cookbook after that saying. But we always have food. It’s kind of important. We’ve had everything from tacos to hamburgers to potato bars. We like good ideas. One year in March we did Corned Beef and Cabbage. We’ve done a Salad Bar (although we might avoid that for a while with the Romaine scare, that doesn’t affect Ice Burg Lettuce so maybe not.)

Hmmm… Just sitting here typing about food is making my stomach growl. Haha.

Do you have to be a diver?

Well, the long and the short of it is No. Now… don’t think for one minute we won’t try to convert you… but we like the company! We have a lot of non-divers that their spouses or significant others or kiddos or whoever dive that they don’t. You’ll always make friends!

So… I’m telling you about Extreme Dive Club because you need to show up to a meeting. Hey, there’s even one tomorrow… The December Extreme Dive Club Meeting. Perfect Timing!!

I can tell you when I first came, I debated going or not. But the minute I walked in, I was part of the family. It is a lot of fun and just remember… There’s food. That’s always a plus!

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