Extreme Product Feature – Crystal Vu Plus Mask

Hi, guys and gals. Happy Wednesday. Let’s take care of some housekeeping issues up front… Front and center! Aye Aye captain!

  1. Saturday is the 5th annual Chili Cookoff.
    • Bring your best Chili to enter into the contest. There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and People’s Choice
    • Bring your best Non-Chili to enter into the contest. There will be prizes for People’s Choice.
    • Here are the rule’s, familiarize yourself with them, please!
      Chili and Non Chili Cookoff Rules
    • There’s also a Silent Auction. Bring your Checkbooks full of money, ready to purchase some really awesome items! As we have been receiving them, we’ve been placing them on Facebook. Please be sure to check those out, but remember, NOT everything has been advertised because items will show up the day of the auction! Come prepared!
  2. Sunday is the Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving
    • Beaver Lake. Be there or be square. Although it might be hard to be square, so just be there.
    • List of rules, familiarize yourself with them, please!
    • Don’t want to carve? No problem, come hang out with us. We’re a lot of fun!!

Now that that is taken care of and out of the way… What’s new. Well…. We are starting to put finishing touches on “Grady’s Cookbook.” I’m so glad those of you who sent in recipes did so that he didn’t have to live on his recipe alone!

Finally, we’re cooking up something extra special and fun for January. I’m not sure if you feel the way I do about that poor month, but after the hype of all the family festivities that happen at the end of the year, January is a cold, dark month, but we have you covered this year. Happy fingers are working on the details now!

Finally, the real reason for today’s post….

Crystal Vu Plus Mask

4 SCUBAPRO Crystal Vu Plus Masks

With all the focus on the gear this year, it is finally time to give the masks a little more love. Today’s focus is the Crystal Vu Plus Mask.

This is a single lens mask that has a side view as well to give you that extra view to details that are surrounding you. It comes with swivel buckles allowing for that perfect fit for every diver. And, this is one of those masks that has a double skirt to really bump up the level of comfort, especially in helping to keep the water from entering your mask. I think that may be one of the number one complaints we hear, my mask has water in it.

Tip: if you keep just a tiny amount of water in your mask if your mask fogs over, just swish the water around and bam, you can see again.

So what are some of the Features:

  • Patented single-lens design with side windows for a panoramic view.
  • Ultra-clear no-tint glass delivers optimal clarity under water.
  • The crystal-clear double-sealing skirt is comfortable against your face and helps keep water out.
  • Low volume styling and convenient swivel buckles allow for a snug fit and ease of clearing.
  • EZ-grab nose pocket makes easy work of equalizing.
  • Also available in a purge version
  • Offered in multiple colors.

So what else is there to tell you about this mask? Well, I can tell you that you should come in, hold it, try it on, feel it, maybe even smell it? If that’s what tickles your fancy, I’d do it. We won’t judge! But truthfully, don’t walk, run, pass go, grab that $200 if necessary but make your way here. (do you get the reference? Monopoly, anyone??)

And that’s all the corny I have for you today. That’s all folks! (Just for Grady… why? Well because a couple weeks ago we watched Buggs Bunny for 8 hours almost straight. Try 4 hours straight and 4 hours straight. Then a couple days later he got on the bus just to move it and it fired up. He was DUN done (Dun is a color of a horse btw))

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