Extreme Product Feature: SCUBAPRO Flux

Let me paint you a picture. The setting is June. The place is the Safari Hunt down at Beaver Lake. I wasn’t planning on diving, but at the last minute was given a brand new Hydros BC and a Mantis 2 dive computer to test out. I quickly threw on my dive suit, grabbed my boots, and fins but couldn’t find my mask, anywhere. I came down the hill to the table where they set the BC up for me and Mark asked me where my mask was. I grumbled I couldn’t find it so he told me to grab his Frameless, it was a good opportunity to try one of those out anyway. After that first dive and my mask staying flooded the whole time, I stomped out of the water and grumbled something about I hated his stupid mask, it sucked.

  • Note Point #1, don’t state that in front of the SCUBAPRO Rep.
  • Note Point #2, not every mask is for everyone. It’s always best to try multiple masks and find what works for you. My mask of choice is today’s feature… The SCUBAPRO FLUX.
  • Note Point #3, I have since learned the trick on how to dive with a Frameless mask and they really aren’t as bad as that first dive I had with it in the lake, but still my go to mask is the Flux followed closely by the Solara but that’s another post for another day, trust me (say the end of May….)

One of the main things to note about the Flux is it has a low-volume lens which gives optimal view for searching the ocean (or lake) far and wide. This is a strong, impact-resistant polycarbonate frame that can withstand the use and abuse of all day, every day dives. The skirt is durable yet comfortable feathered edge to provide the comfort you want during a dive, but also a watertight seal and the best part is it fits multiple face shapes.

Sometimes a mask is about personal preference, almost like a pair of boots or a pair of fins, or underwear…

Are you ready for the Technical Info? Good, me too!

  • High-impact polycarbonate frame delivers durability and strength.
  • Hypoallergenic silicone skirt with double-feathered edge is super-comfortable and keeps water out.
  • Non-slip strap and easy adjust buckles provide the perfect fit for enjoyable diving.
  • Available in 6 color combinations.

Now this mask comes in multiple colors but I highly recommend a black skirt, they tend to seal best in my opinion. Colors: Clear Skirt — Blue, Yellow, White, Clear. Black Skirt — Black, Metallic Red.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a mask is finding one that seals, fits comfortably, makes it easy for you to see all there is out in the world to see, and really you just want a comfortable overall fit. This particular mask is the mask for me and I would highly recommend everyone to try it, at least once. If you want to try mine, I’ll let you, and I won’t even grumble about diving with another mask (because I’ll just steal Mark’s spare Flux 😜)

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