Get the Look – Chuck Beaver

Hi, So I’ve been telling you about all this gear, and maybe even trying to fit into some of it… don’t ask, just read the blog post…. Trust me! Anyway, I think it is fun to see all the combinations that our divers choose in dive gear. Remember that all dive gear is a personal choice, and if you have any questions about any of the dive gear you see listed here or in any of our blog posts, come in and talk to us, we’re happy to help answer questions. And if you see one of our staff divers diving with a piece of equipment that you are curious about, ask them, they’re always willing to tell you why they chose what they did. With that said, let’s find out how Chuck Beaver dives.

What I wear:

  • Fins: Black Twin Jet
  • Boots: Hard Sole Tall
  • BCD: Knighthawk
  • Regulator: MK25/S600
  • Computer: Aladin 3H
  • Mask: Solara
  • Wet Suit: Sport 7/5
  • Bag: SCUBAPRO Caravan
  • Shirt: SCUBAPRO Rashguard
  • Dive shorts SCUBAPRO Hybrid 1.0
  • Air 2

SCUBAPRO, is there any other way? I’m saying that because I’ve been able to find what feels good and believe me, I’ve had on other

Twin Jet fins with springs. Once you have the spring straps you’ll go no other way. For keeping altogether, I go with a Knighthawk BC. I get the stability I need and the comfort. How about keeping warm? The hooded vest helps keep me warm. Hard sole boots also help with warmth but make it so the rocks don’t hurt as well. I dive a 7/5 semi-dry suit to keep me cozy most of the cool or colder days.

All this is good, but what about keeping alive? I breathe off of an MK25/S600 combo and an air two does the truck. Also, you need to know how much air you have so I add an Aladin 3H and a compass in the console. Because of these, I haven’t been out of air or lost in all my years of diving.

Two more things that are important to me are my mask with lenses so I can see. I dive with a Solara mask with prescription lenses so I can see it all.

I keep everything contained in my SCUBAPRO Caravan Bag. As my buddy, Doug Lord would say, “Why aren’t we diving?”

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