Get the Look – Jared Weston

Happy Monday! Can you believe we’re already on the last Monday of April? How on Earth did that happen? Sorry, just trying to throw in there a little Earth Day humor although it really wasn’t humorous and Earth Day is only something we did at school and I’m pretty sure grade school at that. I really don’t remember. I just saw a lot of posts over the weekend about it being Earth Day and I was like, oh yeah.

This being the last Monday of April, you know what that means, right? It means I didn’t forget to do the Get the Look post on the correct day. Go me, go me! Haha. For the wet rainy weekend we had and flooding stages with potential flood evacuation where we were over the weekend, we joked all weekend that SCUBA gear might be necessary. I just so happened to be around a lot of divers this weekend, although we were at a horse-related event, our featured diver today is no newbie to the sport of diving. Oh no, Jared Weston has been diving since the early ’90s, kind of helps when your parents are instructors, although they weren’t instructors when he was certified. So if you want to dive like Jared, I have the guide for you today!

First off, the dress code:

Jared dives both wet and drysuit. Each takes a bit of a different set of gear so let’s go wet suit diving and then dry suit diving.

  • Wet Suit diving (depending on the water temperature)
    • SCUBAPRO Hybrid Shorts and a SCUBAPRO Go Big Gray Rash Guard
    • Pyroflex Steamer
    • 3 Mil Everflex
    • SCUBAPRO Boots
  • Dry Suit diving

Now that we’re dressed to get in the water, let’s go for the accessories, shall we?

So let’s talk about the BCD. Jared is one of the few in our group (although I’m not sure I should use the word few) that dives with a TEK BC with horseshoe wing, stainless steel backplate, and form harness. That stainless steel backplate helps in not needing extra weights because it’s stainless steel. Steel is heavy if you didn’t know.

To add to his not needing weights he dives with a Steel 120 tank. To bring the air from his tank he uses an MK25/G260 Tactical regulator combo with mi-flex hoses.

And last but not least is his pony bottle (which if you’re trying to spot Jared, look for the pony bottle upside down, he is one of the few who dives that way). His 19 cubic foot pony bottle has an MK11/R095 regulator attached to it with a quick draw bracket.

I feel like this should be read in a Game Show host voice, “And Alex, what else can they win?” Okay, maybe I’m just up awful early for a Monday morning, but I had to bring you this post. Basically, this is how to dive like Jared, and I think you should. He’s had lots of years of experience and if nothing else, go on a dive trip with him, he’s a lot of fun! Happy Monday!

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