Hello from Beautiful Cozumel, Mexico

Hello from the beautiful island of Cozumel.  I wish that I could tell you that we had a great day of diving, but today is the day that we return home. (Always the worst part of a trip to Cozumel.)  I can tell you that we had great weather and some great diving.

How was the weather in Cozumel in July, you ask?

Not that much different than at home.  Temperatures during the day were as warm 90F and the nighttime temperatures were down to 80F.  We had couple of very light rain showers during our stay, never lasting more than 15 minutes. I was told that the afternoon that we arrived that there had been a real downpour of rain.  Of course, with Cozumel being an island the humidity was high causing the temperature to feel more like 95F.  Now most days we enjoyed a nice wind that help to keep the temperature feeling more bearable.  When there was no wind, early in the mornings, it felt quite steamy.  Like I said, much like home.

Now on to more important question, how was the diving?

It was great!  Cozumel is one of those destinations that seems to never fails to deliver a great diving experience.  The water temperature was a nice 84 to 86 degrees. The worst visibility we encountered was around 80 feet with the normal visibility around 100 feet. Currents were generally light to none at all.

The reefs looked healthy; we didn’t see any areas of bleaching.  The normal reef fishes were abundant.  We saw green sea turtles every day, we even encountered 4 on 1 dive.  A couple of loggerhead turtles were spotted over the course of the week.  Several of the green moray eels were found as were nurse sharks. Multiple juvenile drum fish were found.  They ranged in size from about 1/3 grown to a tiny yellow and black juvenile that was just out of the larval stage.

Now on to the rarer creatures seen during our trip.

Several splendid toadfish were spotted, with a couple of them even coming out to swim.  Several pipefish were seen.  Multiple seahorses were found.  Several different types of nudibranchs discovered, from the more common flamingo tongue to some of the other lesser know and smaller ones.  A couple of slipper lobsters were discovered as were a couple of octopuses on evening/night dives.  Dolphins were even spotted from the boat and came to swim in our boat wave.  The submarine even came to visit us when we dove the wreck.

I’m already planning my next trip to Cozumel.  Which will be with the shop in February. Bring on February.

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