It wouldn’t be Extreme Scuba Diving without Food – Memorial Day Weekend Diving

I’ve mentioned before that another motto that we have here at Extreme Sports Scuba is,

“If there’s Food, they will Come”

Now obviously this is a joke, but still…

If you remember back to last year, Deb’s birthday fell on the Saturday of Memorial Weekend. This year though it fell on Sunday. When we were making our food arrangements we decided to celebrate Deb’s birthday on Saturday when the most people would be present.

The menu consisted of Dan’s famous fried Chicken, Fresh Curley Q’s and all the sides you could ask for. Once you were done eating, it was time for dessert. There were all kinds of desserts including 2 types of homemade ice cream and pineapple upside down cake among others! We know how to eat!

Dan, Lee, and Mark voluteered to cook the chicken and fries. Jason oversaw the kids making the curley Q’s and Tori and Cailee helped the blogger (that’s me) bread the chicken for Lee & Mark. Deb & Carlene helped prep the chicken. So it was an all out affair where many people pitched in and helped. But the best part of the night was the fellowship among friends (our dive family)! And you can’t top it off without fire. I mean seriously! Dan had Carlene pick up enough candles for Deb’s age and we banded them together and lit them all. Don’t worry though, Dan was standing close by with a fire extinguisher.

Jason helping Tori

Jason helping Cailee

Tori, Marlin, & Kate helping with dinner preparations

Doug & Rachele helping Mark with one of the homemade ice creams.

Nicole, Tori, and Cailee breading the chicken for dinner

We had enough chicken and potoates left over from Saturday night so we decided that we’d do dinner on Deb’s birthday the next night too. Hey, why not celebrate your birthday all weekend. The boys were back at cooking. New sides and desserts were added to the mix. And the blogger made the birthday girl a decorated cake. It rained all day so we added 5 pop-ups and 30 people under them and had a fantastic time in the rain and cool air. A little rain didn’t slow us down!

Lee & Mark ready to get their cooking on.

Lee got a little carried away cooking….

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