July Extreme Dive Club Meeting – 2017

Blogger here. Did you realize I wasn’t at Dive Club Meeting last night? Well, I wanted to be, but I’m off doing my other favorite hobby, Riding Horses! In fact, it’s 5 something in the morning and I wanted to bring this blog post to you before I run off to go ride horses to beat the heat of Southern Oklahoma. You know it’s hot when you’re sweating at 7am.

Now… if I wasn’t at Dive Club Meeting last night, just what on earth could I provide for you in a blog post? Pictures of course. Hey, my friends all have my back and yours. So now I bring you, Blowing up stuff. haha! No, I hear there was a great turn out at Dive Club Meeting. Good Food, Great Company, and an Excellent Fireworks Show. Thank you Mark Willoughby, Priscilla Sweet, and Jared Weston for being my back up blogger photographers for the July Extreme Dive Club Meeting. Now I leave you with the pictures.

p.s. if you want to see upcoming events, check out the June Dive Club Meeting Minutes!

p.p.s. Between those 3 I had 14 photos, but you’ll notice there are only 13 in this post. I have no idea how that happened or which one I missed. I guess that’s what you get from me blogging at 5 something in the morning??

And finally, Freedom doesn’t come Free. Remember the reason that we celebrate Independence day and the Freedom of our country. Never take that for granted. Okay, off my soap box now :). Happy Independence Day!

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