Momentum Torpedo Mens Watch

This makes the second Wednesday type blog post for the week. Unfortunately, we had to. It would have made an extremely LONG blog post had we put men’s and women’s watches in the same blog post.

With Christmas just around the corner, we didn’t want to wait a whole week for the men’s watches. That means….

Momentum Mens Watches

Torpedo Mens Watch

We mainly stuck with one type of Men’s watch. Now, they don’t look identical. Explain?

There are white faces with large numbers and then black faces with hashes where the numbers should be. Two types of bands too… We got a nylon band and the rubber band.

Momentum Torpedo Rubber Watch

Torpedo Rubber

The Men’s Torpedo Rubber watch is a watch that is tested to go to 200 meters (650 feet). It has an oversized offset screw-down crown which helps achieve that deep diver distance. The watch battery comes with a 3-5-year battery life.

The rubber strap is made from natural rubber with that hint of vanilla added in. Natural rubber offers unmatched durability to help withstand all the elements a diver might encounter on a dive. Yet, the watch is classy enough for everyday wear.

Momentum Torpedo Nylon

Torpedo Nylon

The main difference between the Torpedo Nylon and the Torpedo Rubber is the wrist strap. This watch features that large offset screw-down crown, the water depth of 200 meters, and a 3-5-year battery life. The face comes in both black and white.

The Nylon strap features solid hardware and a Momentum clasp to keep the watch on your wrist. It is inspired by the military. This strap is rugged, durable, and tough, ready for any adventure you take it on.

And if you are a bit worried about how comfortable the nylon is against your skin, never fear. The comfort level is there.

Momentum Watches

Now isn’t that like a man, say the same thing in fewer words than the woman. Haha. We currently have in stock the Torpedo Nylon and the Torpedo Rubber. That’s not to say we couldn’t be swayed to add more watches to the inventory, but these are slick watches. The black and the white faces are timeless.

And unlike the women’s watches, men typically don’t wear multiple colors. They stick to the tried and true colors of black and white.

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