Safari Hunt Class of 2018

Safari Hunt Class of 2018

Here is your Safari Hunt Class of 2018

  • Blue monkey: April
  • Brown monkey: George
  • Tiger: LEO
  • Zebra: Martha
  • Pink monkey: Moe
  • Yellow monkey: Molly
  • Giraffe: Myles
  • Panda bear: Roger
  • Black Gorilla: Sally
  • White Gorilla: Samantha

Introducing… Your brand New Safari Hunt High School Class of 2018!!!

Class president; April May… blue monkey: “We have had a great year and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for our future! I would like to thank my mom, my dad, my boyfriend Moe, and everyone that has helped me through these tough years.”

Speaker: “Now introducing our class valedictorian!!

Class Valedictorian; Brown monkey George Curious: “Fellow students… this is it! We are finally going to be set free into the real world. I can’t wait to see the things we end up doing for ourselves. Our futures are bright and promising. Now go forth and be great!!”

Speaker: “Now introducing the class of 2018 and they’re accomplishments.”

April May…April is our Safari High School class president, she has a perfect attendance and a standing GPA of 4.2…

George Curious… George is our class valedictorian, English and football scholar, and STUCO president.

Leo Strong… this tiger is our National honor society leader, has a standing GPA of 4.0, and participates in both soccer and football.

Martha Sass… this zebra is our head cheerleader, one of our star golf players, and part of our national honor society.

Moe Money… this pink monkey is part of our STUCO organization, he has a standing GPA of 4.1 and is our STAR football player.

Molly Mae… this yellow monkey is our vice class president, is part of our cheerleading squad, and is an English scholar.

Myles Long… this giraffe is a huge part of our school’s track team and a strong leader in our school’s political voice program.

Roger That… this panda bear is part of our soccer team, is our student with the best standing attendance school-wide!

Sally Black… this gorilla is part of our school’s STUCO, a strong leader in our school’s international language club, and part of our cheerleading squad.

Samantha White… this gorilla is part of our school’s wrestling team and is our first girl on the team and has a perfect attendance.

Thank you, everyone, for coming and congratulating our brand new class of 2018 for Safari High School. Go forth and be great!!!”

*Animals Intros brought to you by Shaye Weston!!



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