Taqueria Chilangos {Cozumel, Mexico}

Buenos días, Buenos Tardes, or Buenos Noches. (translation, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Night.)

I know I keep giving you bits and pieces of a recent trip to Cozumel, Mexico and I promise a long post to explain all the fun and shenanigans had will be coming shortly, but for now I’m going to tease you with another small bit.

On the May Cozumel (2017) trip, the story as I heard it, Scott happened to be riding around in a taxi and asked the driver if he were to eat at a local restaurant, what one would it be? The cab driver brought him to this restaurant, Taqueria Chilangos. Scott came back to the hotel raving about the food so the last night on the island we all hopped into a cab and took off to find this restaurant.


While we were waiting for our food to be prepared one of the servers came around and got our drink orders. This was placed on the table. I heard one was pico, one was hot, and I’m not sure about the third.

This is 2 tacos. Let me state first off that one taco is more than enough! This was a Pork taco and a Cactus taco. Yes, I said cactus. The cactus was good and the consistence reminded me of green beans but it definitely doesn’t taste like green beans… just the consistency. It had a layer of beans, meat, lettuce, and cheese.

This is a Chicken taco and a beef taco. Out of all of them I have to say the beef was my favorite. And no, I didn’t order 4 tacos. Like I said, 1 was more than plenty. Mark has 2, I had 2, and we tasted each other’s.

Then we ordered a Chicken Quesadilla. Not because we were that hungry but because we wanted to try it. It also gave everyone else at the table an opportunity to try it.

And finally we ordered just a Cheese Quesadilla. Out of everything I tasted I would have to say this was my least favorite, but it was still good. Does that make sense, I sure hope so! With all these pictures, for the most part I think I covered everything we all ate…. if not I tried.

Now, I got the 2 tacos, Mark got 2 tacos, my Mother in law got 1, and we had 2 quesadillas, then there were 3 Coke’s (Mark’s, Addison’s, and mine) and my MIL got a bottled water. We got all of that food for less than $20. And this sign on the wall pretty much says it all!

So you want to know where this place is located you say…..

Address: Avenida 30 Sur 579, Adolfo López Mateos, 77667 San Miguel de Cozumel, Q.R., Mexico

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