Try it Tuesday

A few times now in different posts I have referred to Try it Tuesday. Plus the instructors always mention that it is best to try out scuba diving in a controlled environment. So just what is a Try it Tuesday you ask? Well, you’re in for a treat.

Try it Tuesday is an opportunity for an individual who is thinking about giving scuba diving a try to come into a swimming pool environment, strap on the gear, and “give it a try.”

Everything is provided for you so all you have to do is show up in your swimming suit and be prepared to have a blast. You’ll get a brief instruction on how to air up/release air from your bc, how to become neutrally buoyant, how to give the okay sign and from there you’re turned loose in the pool. There are dive instructors, divemasters, and certified divers in the pool at all times while you’re in there so if you get into a bind, they’re right there to assist.

The pool we use for this is at 5 Mile Camp just outside of Joplin. The deepest point of the pool is 6 feet, so if at any point you feel uncomfortable, you just stand up which works out great.

Also, don’t let the fact that the chill is in the air. The pool is heated and a nice 86 degrees.

If you missed out on this month’s Try it Tuesday, not to fear, the next one is scheduled for Tuesday, December 10, 2013. That’s just in time for Christmas presents if you or a friend/family member get hooked. Please come check it out and be warned, you’ll LOVE it!

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