Instructor Interviews – Grady Weston

I thought it would only be fitting to sit down with each of our instructors and get to know them on a more personal level. Sure, we all know who Grady is, but I thought it would be fun to do an interview and ask some basic questions. I actually caught him the night of the October Dive Club meeting while he had his feet kicked up on the desk and I’m pretty sure he was playing a computer game. I stumped him once but told him that this wasn’t a test for a grade so he was doing just fine.

How did you get started diving? You know as in what made you take the leap into the water.

I grew up at Grand Lake, always had a mask and fins but was tired of not being able to see anything. When I was 32 years old I was at a charity auction and wound up purchasing 2 classes.

How long have you been diving?

I was certified in 1989.

How many dives do you make in a typical year?

About 200.

What led you to become an instructor?

We opened the dive shop and Justin wanted to be an instructor. Once he had kids running around, it wasn’t nearly as easy for him to get away so Deb went and got her Assistant Instructor’s Certification followed closely by me, but I was the first to get my full instructor’s certification.

What other hobbies do you have besides diving?

I was up until 1 am working on electrical work last night.

Is that a hobby?

Oh, hobbies. No probably not. Riding Horses both in charity rides and to promote youth events. I’m also a member of the Missouri Governor’s Mounted Guard.

What is the best advice you can give to someone considering Scuba Diving? Basically, they’re considering jumping in but not quite sure, what would you tell them?

Give it a try in a swimming pool because the lake limited visibility might actually detour you.

What advice can you give to a beginning diver?

Dive within your training.

Where is your favorite place to dive?

Cozumel, Mexico (with a huge grin on his face)

What is your most comical dive experience?

(this would be where I stumped him) Probably Lionfish hunting down at Cozumel; also playing with and feeding the sharks. The Lionfish are taking over down there; the minute you spear them, the sharks attack them.

Ok, I promise, one last question. What would you recommend for a beginning diver’s first dive trip?

Cozumel or Bonaire, trust me, you’ll get spoiled after that.

And there we have it, folks. Oh, by the way, did I happen to mention that today is Grady’s birthday? Make sure you swing by the Dive Shop or leave him a shout out on Facebook to wish him a Happy Birthday.

p.s. Don’t forget to come back later this week for the post on the 16th Annual Pumpkin Carving Event.

Nicole has done a wonderful job on this post however I would like to add that we (the members of the dive club) appreciate everything you do Grady. Keep up the GREAT work and Thank You! ~Mark W

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