Beaver Lake Water Levels – Memorial Day Scuba Diving

One thing about all the spring rains that we’ve had, especially all the rains that have happened just this month has caused the water levels at Beaver Lake to rise. Not only do we have comparison photos but I also have comparison numbers. When we conducted our New Year’s Day dive on January 1 the water levels were:

January 1 – 1,113.5 feet

This seemed to be a relatively drier winter, but we’ve sure made up for it this spring with the rains. I’m not complaining because we needed some rain. Month to date has recorded 8.29 inches of rainwater added. When I got to the lake last Tuesday the water levels were:

May 19 – 1,126.46 feet.

It was obvious that water levels were higher because our campsite set up was in the same area that we hold the Pumpkin Carving and the New Year’s Day Dives. Typically the bottom campsite is where we’re set up, then you have to go over the big rocks, down the rock bed, and finally into the water.

Tuesday you’d have just had to go over the large rocks and you’d have been in the lake.

Then with all the rain that happened all week and weekend, the water levels rose. We were even under Flash Flood warnings.

Friday, May 22 – 1,127.23 feet

Saturday, May 23 – 1,127.34 feet

Sunday, May 24 – 1,128.22 feet

Monday, May 25 – 1,129.22 feet

Monday morning the water was still rising. In the morning it was sloshing up on the campsite but by the afternoon the campsite was completely underwater.

Now for comparison photos over by the swim beach where we enter in the water all summer long.

Here is a photo of the area we enter the lake to dive from Summer 2014.

Here is the lowest table in the area where we enter Saturday morning with the lake water levels.

After all the rains, especially on Sunday…

And the table on Sunday afternoon/early evening

Finally here is the table come Monday morning after an entire day of rain on Sunday (and all the rains experienced this previous week).

I mentioned in the first Memorial Day blog post that the top of the Christmas tree typically sits around 10 feet below the surface (on average years/lake water levels). This year on Saturday the tree was sitting at 25 feet at the top. The tree is a 6 feet tall Christmas tree too. I wasn’t able to dive on Monday so I’m not even sure where the top was sitting, but you can see the water levels rose a good 6 or so inches so add that and the top of the Christmas tree might have been sitting at the thermocline…?!?!

This post is just here to show you the great diving conditions that were seen this Memorial Day weekend. And visibility was very good.

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