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Happy Monday… if there is such a thing. haha. This also happens to be the last Monday of the month. How did that happen? This particular last Monday of the month happens to be the Blogger in Training’s birthday. She’s a Threenager now (three but acts like a teenager…). I’m still not sure how that one happened either. But, back to this whole last Monday of the month thing… Does anyone recall what happens here on the last Monday of the month? That’s right, a Get the Look post. You’d have known that had you read the blog title. Today let’s focus on Tori Willoughby‘s look.

Get Tori’s Look

Head to toe:

And she may or may not steal my red pocket weights…

She also has:

  • SCUBAPRO Nova 700 Flashlight (the model before the Nova 720)
  • Miflex hoses
  • Seasnips scissors
  • An Extreme Sports SCUBA Mesh Bag
  • And my Red Pocket Weights.

If you ask her what her favorite piece of dive gear is… she’ll tell you it’s her new Hydros Pro BC. She got it for her birthday earlier this year and couldn’t wait to dive in it. Her birthday is the 2nd day of January… we couldn’t convince her to do the New Year’s Day Dive. ha! But she wouldn’t have had it in time anyway… So Memorial Day Weekend it was.

So this is how to get her look, but leave my Red Pocket Weights alone!

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