Pardon the Mess

Pardon the Mess around here. The mess is kind of two fold. Did you notice that the website/blog have been redesigned? The blogger, that’s me 😜, put her Master’s Degree to work and rebuilt the Extreme Sports Scuba website. There are a few minor changes that will happen after this post, but for the most part, Welcome to the April 2017 edition of the Extreme Sports Scuba Website. I say April 2017 because it was redesigned/rebuilt back in Fall 2013 roughly and I’m sure it’ll get it again… remember keep it fresh! But for now, here is the new website!


  • On the home page
    • The slider rotates between 5 photos. Any upcoming events, recent trip group photo, and anything else that strikes someone’s fancy will show up here.
    • We have narrowed our tabs down to the home button, About us (which has a new section about the store), Classes offered, Travel/Events, Local Diving (which has a new local diving spot featured), Kayaks, the Scuba Blog, Links (for all other links), and a Contact us (which contains a map as well as a contact us form that will email directly to the store).
    • Links to Funjet Vacations (book your own destination out of here!), DAN, SDI/TDI, SCUBAPRO, Sealife Cameras, and Malibu Kayaks.
    • Additional links to our classes, about us, and contact page.

  • On the About Us Page
    • We added a section on how our Extreme Sports Scuba came to be!
    • There has been an addition of on land pictures to accompany the diving pictures to help you better identify who you are looking for…. uh oh… should we be worried? haha
  • Our Classes page
    • This continues to contain all the classes offered. If you need help figuring out what fits you best, Contact us!
  • Travel/Events
    • See what Group Trips are coming up
    • PLUS! Book your own through Funjet. Don’t know what Funjet is? Well there is a link on this page to explain it, plus as a bonus, here is the post you should read, NOW! 😬
  • Local Diving
    • We added photos to this page as well as links to blog posts about each of these places, plus, as a bonus, Diver Dan wrote up a blurb about SWEPCO, a good place to dive in the winter.
  • Kayaks
    • Learn about Malibu Kayaks here. (Coming Soon)
  • Blog
    • On top of the best blog posts written here that you already should be reading….
      • There is a link to the top 5 recent blog posts
      • A link to the Top Posts on the website based off the last 7 days.
      • Blog posts sorted by category
      • Blog posts sorted by tags
      • A link to our Facebook page
      • And Archives by month
  • The links page
    • Additional links that may be useful for you!
  • Finally, the Contact us Page
    • Hours of operation, Address, phone number
    • AND a Map!! Now you can find us. Plus this map will allow you to plug in your current location and get directions to us! Wham BAM thank you ma’am.

Additional features:

  • Up at the top of every page on the left you’ll see the address and our phone number.
  • All links to our Social Media including Instagram, email, location, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • There is a search box if you are looking for something specific… say plug in a specific event and it will pull up all blog posts that event is discussed in.
  • Anywhere there is a blue link seen in the writing links you to a blog post to help further your reading.
  • At the bottom of every page are the Upcoming events as seen on Facebook
  • Top 5 recent Blog posts
  • And top 5 posts.
  • Finally, there is a Pin It button on the photos so you can Pin something to Pinterest you find particularly useful!

Whew, I know that was a lot of information. I sure hope this quick tutorial helps you navigate our site.

So, I said that this was a two fold post and those pictures above don’t look like site pictures. Well the other “mess” as seen above are what we’re doing…. We’re getting ready for the SPRING SALE!!!

We’re closed today, Monday April 10, getting things lined out for the Sale that starts tomorrow, Tuesday April 11th, 2017 and runs through Friday April 14, 2017. As you can see from the flier, there are a lot of excellent deals, but this flier doesn’t contain everything. Oh no. We need you to come see us to find out what all we have. Trust me, this is the deal of the Spring! We’re getting ready for SCUBA diving… most of us are chomping at the bit (horse reference) to get into the water this summer, unless you are Diver Dan and anyone he convinces to dive with him all year long such as but not limited to Chris Parrish….

I mention all of this because we want to see you here!!! See you tomorrow through Friday.

Lots of Love,

The Blogger 😘

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