Get the Look – Drake Weston

Did you know today is Tuesday? Not Monday, but in fact, Tuesday? It is also the last Tuesday of the month, in case you wondered.

Okay blogger lady, where are you going with this?

Well, I woke up yesterday thinking it was Tuesday. I finally figured out it was Monday but then forgot that it was the last Monday of the month.

Um… A little more explanation is needed, why do we care that it was the last Monday and now Tuesday of the Month?

Well, what have we started showcasing on the last Monday of the month? The Get the Look feature… but when you forget that A) it’s Monday and B) it’s the last Monday of the month, you kind of get behind in your showcasing so you moved on to Tuesday and showcase the dive gear Drake “Wicked” Weston dives in. Poor Drake. One day someone put that on his Facebook page and that’s just what he’s been ever since, that and I have the Blogger in Training calling him Drako. I’m pretty sure that it started because of Harry Potter. Anyway on with what Drake uses as his dive gear of choice.

So the one important thing to note about Drake’s Dive Gear Get up is he is color-coordinated Blue. Yes, his hoses and regulator are in fact blue. And the pose above I think is his signature pose :).

His regulator is an MK25/S600 Combo attached with Miflex hoses.

His BCD of choice is a Knighthawk with Air 2

He prefers a Frameless Mask.

His fins are the Black Twinjet with Black spring straps

He dives with the SCUBAPRO Aladin H Dive Computer

And finally, he keeps all of his gear together in a SCUBAPRO Mesh Backpack that they tell me he’s had for years.

So there you have it, you can dive like Drake Weston, Signature pose included!

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